The truth is, I’ve been messing around with Logic Pro and GarageBand for a long time (and various forms of recording before that, digital and four-track cassette). But I never really dug into either app as much as I should have until recently. The first step was finally going through a book about Logic Pro 8 (that was the version I had since it came out or so until recently) and really learning how Logic Pro worked. Then, I took a free course offered by Coursera and Berklee College of Music online called Introduction to Music Production. As part of that course, we had to complete weekly assignments to “teach” other members of the class different topics based on the lectures from that week. Even though I ended up doing only written assignments instead of videos, I was pretty good at it and rather enjoyed the process. In most cases, I learned a bit more about Logic.

I decided that was so much fun I wanted to continue to share my knowledge and that’s what this site is, my explorations of Logic Pro X (mostly, though I’ll refer back to 8 and 9 when I can) as well as GarageBand. I hope you find this site useful and fun.


P.S. Neither this site nor I am associated with Apple in any way, besides being a long-time user. All trademarks belong to their respective owners. In most cases, that’s Apple, but I might discuss other products as well.


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