My Favorite New Features in Logic Pro X – Part 4, Editor

I don’t think the Editor changed much in Logic Pro X. If I find that it did, I’ll have to write a post for that.

What did change is the sync between the Tracks area and the Editor. In previous versions of Logic Pro, you had to understand it to use it. I was just using Logic Pro 9 the other day, and when I was changing tracks or regions, the Editor didn’t change to follow what I had selected in the Arrange area. I know there’s a way to do that, but I had to remember and never could. Now, Logic Pro X follows the selection in the Tracks area. I’m sure there’s a way to turn this off for those who prefer the old method, but I prefer the new way so I don’t know it.

To me, this is another good example of how Apple has made Logic Pro X simpler, more intuitive, and more like other applications.

(Logic Pro X’s Tracks area was called the Arrange area in previous versions)