My Favorite New Features in Logic Pro X – Part 3, Compressor

One of the cool new things in Logic Pro X 10.1 I really love is the new Compressor plug-in. I think AskAudio Magazine covered it quite well. Their article not only described the new features, but what compressors are being modeled. I think that it is great how Compressor now shows you what it’s doing in real time, either via the Meter or the Graph.

However, what this update made glaringly obvious was how dated some of the other plug-ins look. They probably were appropriate for their time, but now they show their age. Personally, I expect that Apple will go through all the “blue” ones at least and clean them up to match the basic black look that you see in the Channel EQ plug-in, as well as the basic plug-ins that are in GarageBand. But, I also think that some real-time feedback will appear in some of them as appropriate, even if it’s as simple as a meter to show what the plug-in is doing.