Logic Pro X Manuals in iBooks

Did you know that the Logic Pro X Manuals as well as the MainStage 3 Manuals are available in iBooks? When I saw this, I thought that was brilliant. Now, we can get the current manuals pushed to us when they are updated. Prior to that, I had been downloading the PDF versions but having to check if they had changed for the new version of Logic. Also, it makes them really convenient to have on your iPad or iPhone if you have one. Now you can reference¬†the manual on your¬†iPad or iPhone while working on your Mac. Also, the PDF was probably too big to read on the iPhone. I don’t know, I never tried.

Last I checked, the PDF version had not been updated for Logic Pro X 10.1, and as you probably know, there have been a lot of changes in that update.

These are the links to the English language versions of these manuals, but there are versions in other languages as well. I didn’t check what they all were. Just search the iBooks store with the box I’ve provided below the links.

Logic Pro X User Guide – Apple Inc.

Logic Pro X Effects – Apple Inc.

Logic Pro X Instruments – Apple Inc.

Logic Pro X Control Surfaces Support – Apple Inc.

MainStage 3 User Guide – Apple Inc.

MainStage 3 Effects – Apple Inc.

MainStage 3 Instruments – Apple Inc.